Add Some Cool Animation To Your Windows 7 Start Menu [How-To]

Here’s how, you can add some cool touch to your start menu. What you need is to download this tool and off you go. animation Here are a small animated gif to show you exactly what it will looks like. start_menu_animation All you need is to unzip the file, and run “Startmenu Animation”. Once you’ve done that, it will create a cache folder. Now when you click the start menu you will see this fancy animation showing. It just another cool trick you can do to your friends 🙂 startmenu To stop Start Menu being animated simply delete the cache folder. There you have it enjoy 🙂 Download Startmenu Animation Here source via [Technspot] and via [Blogsdna]

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Last updated: 08/04/2015

Posted in: Tips & Tricks
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