Easily Blocking Application in Windows Firewall with Firewall App Blocker

Blocking an application in Windows through Windows Firewall takes quite a few steps. You need to go to Control Panel, click on System and Security, and select Allow a program through Windows Firewall in the Windows Firewall section. And if the application isn’t listed there, you will need to add them by going to Allow another program…

Windows Firewall Allow Program

With Firewall App Blocker, all you need to do could be simply like a drag & drop. Download the tool in Zip format which contains two copies of executable file for either 32 or 64-bit of Windows. It’s portable so just extract the file and simply launch it. Since it requires the changes to the system, you need to pass the UAC before using it.

Once the application open, you can simply drop the executable applications, not the shortcuts, to the list. And they will be immediately blocked in Windows Firewall. You can also use Add button to manually select the application if drag-n-drop isn’t so convenient.

For example, I drag and dropped FileZilla into it.

Firewall App Blocker v1

And the change is done almost right away in the Windows Firewall.

Windows Firewall FileZilla Blocked

Now, when I opened FileZilla and tried to connect to my FTP site, I wasn’t able to connect it.

Windows Firewall FileZilla no access

To unblock, easily remove the items from the App Block list.

Firewall App Blocker runs properly if the Windows Firewall is enabled and runs properly on

Vista and Windows 7 machine. Both 32bit and 64bit editions are supported. Windows 8 is not tested but since the Windows Firewall on Windows 8 is pretty much the same as on Windows 7. It should be running fine as well.

The tool doesn’t add anything new that Windows Firewall doesn’t do but does ease the process of blocking/unblocking a certain applications.

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