Find Out How Healthy Your Battery is on Your Windows 7 Laptop

Windows 7 has added a lot of new features, some of them you can see, but some you can’t even see it. Here is one small trick you can do with your Windows 7 laptop. (assuming that you have your battery plugged in)

We all know that over time, your lithium ion battery will not charge to its full potential as when it’s new. But how much less is the battery charging ?

Well in Windows 7 you can find out how much battery you are actually getting from your 3-cell or 6-cell or even 9-cell battery. Not the number says on the back of the battery, but the real number from the it.

You can use the powercfg -energy to find out how health your battery is.

Start by going to your Command Prompt, type "cmd" in your start menu.

Then type "powercfg -energy"

powercfg energy

and now just wait for 1 min and Windows will collect all the data and monitor your system

after it’s done, you should now see something like this.


Notice that it generate an energy report in HTML format (by default) to the following directory.

Go to the directory and open up the file. Skip everything and scroll down to the bottom of the report. You should now see something that tells your

Battery:Battery Information


some where along the line you should see this. So what does that mean ?

Well it tells you the battery type, and what’s the full capacity and most importantly the last full charge this is the number that your battery can MAX hold.

So here in my case, I got this acer laptop aspire 5580 and its about 2 and half years old. Never replaced the battery and its only charging to about 55% of the original capacity. :(

Last full charge : 24365 / 44400 ~ 55%

So if you are wondering how come my battery doesn’t last for long, well you got the answer from there. For me the battery that I have right now can probably give me around 1 hr usage on a balanced mode, around 1:20-1:30 in a power saving mode .

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  • Nadine Victor

    When I try to open the html file, it says “File not found” on Mozilla, IE, and Google Chrome. Any suggestions?

    • Jonathan

      mm did you find where your file is located ? normally its under your user profile root. which is in C:Users<yourname>

      any browser should open up the HTML file. If it doesn't work I can only suggest you to try it again


    • M.B.P.

      copy the file to the desktop or some other place and try it from there

  • REb

    Design Capacity 49620
    Last Full Charge 39696

    I have exactly 80% =)

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  • Murtaza Najmi

    wen i enter the command in cmd its shows me ” The ENERGY command requires admin rights.”..hw shuld i turn this admin rights on… Pls help

  • faizan

    its saying that change the battery bu i buyed it six months ago only any suggestions

  • Hasse

    Excellent info.
    Thank you very much.

  • lourdes marroquin

    Nice info! very helpful thanx

  • L

    it didn’t help me, even though I run it as admin it tells me something went wrong and that it cant be carried out etc… that I have no rights