Google Chrome 13 Released with a Fine Tuned Print Preview Feature

imageGoogle has released its flagship browser Chrome to version 13 with not much big jump over improvements except one that’s been missing for some time.

Print Preview in web browser is nothing new. All other browsers have this basic feature for a while. Chrome brought this basic feature to a new level with a feature no one seems to have thought about before. Chrome’s Print Preview integrates itself into the browser so well that brings a whole new look of what a basic feature like Print Preview should look like.

Press Ctrl+P on your keyboard or go to Wrench icon and Print option, instead of popping up Windows Printing Dialog box, it brings up Print Preview page with preview option on the left and the content print preview on the right.


As you can see, you can easily select the layout, color or black/white, and copies right from the option sidebar. You can even choose to double sided to give a duplex type of print without going deep into the printer properties.

And what’s amazing is that you can directly save the print preview copy in a PDF format without going through Print-to-PDF path. Right-click the content print preview area and choose Save As… Isn’t it super handy?


Print Preview is just one of the new feature in this new version of Chrome but certainly the most noticeable one that brings other browser to shame. Chrome 13 also includes over 5,200 minor improvements and bug fixes. With that large number of changes, I was surprised that the old Chrome still works amazingly well for most of us.

You can download Google Chrome right from the link.