Google Drive is Official Grab Free 5GB Cloud Space on Your Windows

The rumor has been all over the tech news and today it is finally official.  Google has announced their new cloud service, Google Drive, that allows you to store and sync your personal files and documents in their Cloud.


Currently Google Drive only supports PC, Mac and Android devices. Other mobile platform, iOS are coming soon.


You need to have an account with Google, if you do you can go ahead and download Google Drive at


It’s clear that Google is directly targeting and competing with Dropbox. Their free plan comes with 5GB of storage, if you want to have more storage the upgrade choice are very  broad. You get options to upgrade upto 16TB storage from Google, and that will cost you $800/month.


Once you have downloaded the Google Drive and installed. Sign in and get started.



After signing in you will see a new Folder called Google Drive showing up in your document, and that will contain all the existing files that are have stored at Google Doc. Also, if you have activated your Google Drive account, you will soon realize Google Doc is no longer “exists” instead it combines into your new Google Drive account.


As you can see Google Doc brand is no longer there, instead showing Drive when you create and upload any documents.

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