How Long Has My Computer Been Running? Get to Know My Computer’s Uptime

If you are like me who likes to leave my computer running on 24/7 basis whenever it’s possible, have you ever checked how long your computer has been up and running and when was the last time you turned your computer on?

Let’s find it out.

Method 1 – from Task Manager

Right-click on the Taskbar, and click Task manager, and select Performance tab once in it and choose CPU.

Task Manager - Uptime

Method 2 – from Command Line

Geeks are cool because they like command line. So let’s open the command prompt window by hitting Win+R keyboard shortcut and typing in cmd in the open box.

Win-R + CMD

And type in “systeminfo” in the command prompt window. Scroll the window a bit up to look for the System Boot Time from the output.

SystemInfo - boot time

Ooops, it only tells us when the computer was booted. But I think that’s fine. As a geek, we can do the calculation ourselves, can’t we?

Bonus, if you are a geek who also likes SysInternals toolset, you can use psinfo.exe to find out your computer’s uptime right from the output.

PSInfo - uptime

Method 3: An old school command line Uptime.exe

Uptime.exe is a standalone program that is originally designed for Windows NT Server. You could get the command line executable file from Windows NT directory but since no one is using Windows NT anymore, you can actually get it from CodePlex directly. Download it, extract it, and run it.

 15:56:35 uptime 6 days, 04:41:40

So let’s find it out how long your computer has been up and running. If you have method 4 or 5, please share them in the comment.

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  • @muiruri

    Hi Kent. you fogot to include another method, the uptime utility from Microsoft at



    • Kent

      Ha..yes, the old tool still works. Thanks for mentioning.


  • Henrik Staun Poulsen

    the problem with systeminfo is that it does not cater for hibernation. Checking the network card connected time works. Can this be checked with powerscript?

  • Navin

    Turn on SNMP and query though SNMP to get how long your system is up

  • Dbf


  • Kuroineko

    Nice =D my computer is running for 11 days now

  • Gavin

    My PC is a Minecraft server and its been up for 9 day 12 hours as of now

  • Victor

    is there anyway i can see how long my pc has been up all in all? like from when i first bought it?

    • Kent Chen

      hmm…don’t think there is a way. You can find out when your computer first installed by the command line systeminfo but you can’t find how long your computer has been up right from the day it’s installed. I don’t think Windows ever tracks that information.

  • Justin Troutman

    My computer has been up and running for 362 days. I think I should reboot it…

    • Kent Chen

      haha…you definitely should.

  • Behrooz

    that’s perfect tutorial