How to Find Out BIOS, Motherboard and CPU info from Command Line

Sure, there might exists many alternative small utilities that can help you find out your computer’s BIOS info, motherboard info and CPU info. Tools like CPU-Z is a great start to find out your system info, and it does give you plenty information about your system. But if you just want to know some specific information quickly, without knowing if the system has this utility installed or not, there are command line tools you can use to get some of the basic info you want.

Here Is How

First, fire up command prompt (cmd) from start menu.


If you want to get info about your system’s BIOS, then type this command

wmic bios get name,serialnumber,version

This will tells you the name if your BIOS, current version and it’s serial number if there is any.

wmic csproduct get name,identifyingnumber,uuid

This command will tell you the system motherboard (that happen to be the name) and it’s UUID

wmic cpu get name,CurrentClockSpeed,MaxClockSpeed

If you want to quickly find out what’s the CPU clock speed, you can do the following, also if you have turbo boost CPUs you can find out what’s the Max Clock Speed your system is capable of for the current configuration. Of course you can always overclock your CPU and that will too reflect the change.

wmic cpu get name,CurrentClockSpeed,MaxClockSpeed /every:1

If you do have dynamic clock speed running, then add this line, will refresh and monitor the Clock speed every 1 second. Or you can set to however you would like.

Nice neat command line utility for some quick lookup.

For more info about wmic command see Microsoft’s documentation.

Credit goes to unlockforus

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Last updated: 08/04/2014

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