How To Keep A Window Always on Top in Windows 7

We previously covered a tool PowerMenu that can keep a Windows Always on Top on desktop. The tool was developed in previous Windows, even though it still works in Windows 7 it has some glitches that will stop working sometime.

Here is another tool, Window On Top, that works a bit smoother in Windows 7. Besides its key feature that keeps a program on ways onĀ  top of the other programs, it’s also a portable tool that doesn’t require any installation process as well as offers a shortcut that can make any programs on top a lot easier.

To make a window on top, simply drag the hand icon in the program and drop it on the program you want to stay on top.


Or, make it easier, highlight the program and press Ctrl+F8 to enable or disable the on-top feature.

Even though it doesn’t have other features PowerMenu offer, such as transparency and minimize to tray, it does make the key feature, make a program always on top, super easier. And it works very stable.

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  • JK

    Software works as mentioned. Nice, small, easy to install download. Thanks :)

  • lakhwinder

    very Nice it solved my problem … thanks!!

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  • Stefan

    I can really reccomend Dexpot. Although the program is actually for using virtual desktops, it happens to have this too.

  • Iconoclaster

    Look for WinWarden tiny tool…

  • M3 Tech

    Jow, what’s more annoying is Windows DID HAVE THIS FEATURE back in the day. I’m not sure when exactly it was removed – but Win 3.1 definitely had it..

    • Evelyn Chew

      I know! I was looking all over and really surprised to find it didn’t exist anymore…

  • Evelyn Chew

    Thank you!!!! NOW i can work properly :))