How To Make A Window Stay Always On Top in Windows 7

There are times it’s convenient when having one window always stay on top of any other windows on your windows desktop, especially on a dual monitor setup. And that’s exactly why PowerMenu comes in play.

It’s a small free utility that only does one thing, adding a few extra menu options in addition to the standard “Close”, “Maximize”, etc options. Besides Always on Top, it also offers Transparency and Minimize to Tray.

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The tool was developed originally for Windows 2000, but works quite well in all other versions, including Windows 7. However, because of the new task bar in Windows 7 that doesn’t have Window options, the only way to make it work is to use the top frame of the Window. Just right-click and pick one of the three extra options.


And here is what the Live Writer looks like when the Transparency was set to 40%, with the big green leaf as the wallpaper at the background.


That’s it, and enjoy.

Download PowerMenu on Abstract Path

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  • lyv

    The better one – Actual Title Buttons ( Alive and supports Windows 7 natively (including x64 editions).

    • gamofun

      Thanks for sharing! Actual Title Buttons works fine for me.

  • Reb

    Nice little tool =)
    But it doesn’t seem to work at the moment with microsoft word 2010 (technical preview).

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  • Axel

    Just FYI – shift-right-click on the task bar will bring up window options in W7

    • windows7hacker

      Thanks. It's a pretty cool tips.


  • Don

    Used it in XP but does not work for the windows I need on top in Windows 7 such as Skype or Notepad.

  • John

    In case anyone is wondering, this applet does not work on Windows 7 explorer windows… seems to work on other app windows though, but not working with explorer limits its usefulness.

  • Lee Swain

    Very buggy for me. Would be great but once I select anything I can make no more changes. So if I choose always on top, I can't turn it off. If I choose a transparency level I can't change or turn always on top on.

    Windows 7 64-bit

    • Woody Thrower

      I have this problem too (also Win7 x64). If I restart Power Menu, I can make another change.

  • crs2029

    FileBox eXtender ,this free software pins folder and programs always on top with windows 7 x64

  • Thozi

    Does not work with many applications, sadly. Especially Windows Media Player (using 64Bit Win7 here). Although I still think that this is a MUST HAVE feature for any operating system out of the box. It’s a shame that Microsoft once again, didnt come up with this on their own.

    • Jonathan

      Windows Media Player has it’s own build in “Always Show Now Playing On Top” feature, right click on the menu bar you should see this option. Thus, you don’t even need to use this application if you just want to have Windows Media Player stay on top.


  • Minnaaaa

    One problem, I have a program with no top bar. Anyway to get this to still work with it?

    • Kent

      I think that would be a bit hard. This problem was an old tool that happens to be working fine in Windows 7, Unless the developer has a new release that works better in 7.

    • David

      Someone in an earlier comment suggested Shift+Right Click on the task bar item to get the window options menu. Then you can use that instead of the top bar.

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  • Loay Emad

    This is Cool!
    Thanks You

  • joselo

    how about this one ?

    just select the window and Ctrl+Space to make it always on top.

    It’s very simple and works!!

  • Rajan Balana @ DreamBloggers

    But It doesn’t make office word to stay on the top of others :(

  • organic store

    what program do you use to open the Power Menu download? It says Windows can’t find a program that can open it.

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  • CtqSrtq

    Nice tool but in win 7 x64 when always on top or transparency is set to, I can not change settings. Only way is to close the window and open it again and set new parameters.

  • JP

    Doesn’t work. Or rather it did for 1 time (I chose 50% transparency), but didn’t work since then. Also didn’t uninstall, even though it said it did. Now I have to go find all the crap and delete it manually. Should have known better than to install a 10+ year old program.

  • Tc0566

    transparency once used is unable to adjust or turn off you have to close the window and reopen in windows 7 x64

  • Guest

    Cool tools. thanks

  • N Harish

    Really nice tool, Thanks

  • HP

    not working for me on win7 x64 Home Premium, no additional menu entries showing up…

  • scylla

    Like HP, I get no additional menu entries in Win7 HP 64-bit.

  • user777

    program is outdated, in my case it works only on some windows and sometimes it stops to work at all :(

    • Kent Chen

      Yes, this has been a looong while. I will definitely look into it to get refreshed.