How To Make Your Windows 8.1 Lock Screen A Slide Show of Your Pictures

Windows 8.1 has added quite a few new features to Lock Screen to let you make a much better use of it. For example, the new Slide Show feature can turn your idling computer into a picture frame right on the lock screen, and the Camera feature lets you to use the built-in camera without unlocking the computer.

Here is a quick tutorial to show you how to use these interesting features in the new Windows 8.1.

Go to Lock Screen Settings

1. Bring up the right side Charm bar, and click Settings. Or if you are using keyboard, simply press Ctrl+i.

2. And click Change PC Settings to open PC Settings app.

3. Then click Lock Screen tile under Top Settings.

Windows 8. Lock Screen Settings

Windows 8. Lock Screen Settings

How to turn on Slide Show feature

Now, simply slide the Slide Show switch to On, and add a picture folder that contains the pictures you want to show off on the Lock Screen. You can also tweak other settings to meet your own preference, such as when to start the slide show and when to stop.

Windows 8.1 Lock Screen Slide Show Settings

Windows 8.1 Lock Screen Slide Show Settings

How to turn on Camera on Lock Screen

Scroll down to the bottom in the Lock Setting settings, and turn on/off the Camera setting. Once it’s on, you can turn on the camera to start taking pictures or videos by simple swiping up the lock screen.

Windows 8.1 Lock Screen Camera Setting

Windows 8.1 Lock Screen Camera Setting

Other improvements

Windows 8.1 also has improved Lock Screen to let you to not only choose which apps to show quick status and notifications on the lock screen but also switch the default app as the app to show alarms on the Lock Screen.

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