How to Prevent/Disable Windows 7 RC Bi-Hourly Restart

Are You Still on Windows 7 RC? For whatever reason if you do you’ve probably experienced your Windows 7 Release Candidate is restarting every two hour. This is just the initial reminder that your Windows 7 RC will expire on June 1st. During the span of 3 month between March 1st and June 1st, you can still use the Windows 7 RC. BUT, it will restart every 2 hour.

Is there a way to stop Windows 7 RC restarting ?

Well, technically there is no way you can prevent this happening. At least not within the golf of our knowledge, however there is programs you can use to prevent Windows sudden restart.

You can download the program called “ShutdownGuard

What ShutdownGuard does is that it will prevent system to restart without user’s acknowledgments. Basically it will force Windows 7 to show the grey screen before the system initialize the restart signal.

shutdown guard

When you have ShutdownGuard running it will instead ask you this dialog box when Windows 7 RC hits the bi-hourly restart cycle. Now when you click “Cancel” you there just prevent the Bi-hourly restart on Windows 7 RC.

Of course this is not the perfect resolution, but at least this tool prevent the system to restart without your acknowledgments.

Note: when you use this tool, and want to really shutdown the computer you will also see this as well. Suggest you to start the program when the system is running if you are still using Windows 7 RC.

Download the ShutdownGuard here

  • nightstalker

    Shutdown guard doesn't work. Don't bother. Changing time is silly. All your SSL connections
    will get screwed up. Activation is your best hope.

    • windows7hacker

      Thanks for comment.

      Yes, it's true that changing time is silly because many things in the system will start to break after you have done that.

      It's always better in this case that move to the final release and genuinely activated.


  • Nazmus Khandaker

    I am running the RC, and the bi-hourly shutdown is not like a regular shutdown. The RC shutdown does not even go through proper shutdown cycle; it resets the PC. It's so instantaneous that no software can prevent, at least not that I know of. Basically it is as if you pressed the reset button on your computer.

  • Nagi Springfield

    change the date before march 1 2010… that will prevent it… rawr! XD

  • nn

    this is old topic but setting in the task scheduler (eg 1 every one hour) batch which looks like :


    for /f “tokens=1 delims=- ” %%f in (‘date /t’) do (set yy=%%f)
    for /f “tokens=2 delims=- ” %%f in (‘date /t’) do (set mm=%%f)
    for /f “tokens=3 delims=- ” %%f in (‘date /t’) do (set dd=%%f)
    set YY=%yy%
    set MM=%mm%
    set DD=%dd%
    set /a YO=%YY%-4

    IF %YY%==2013 date %YO%-%MM%-%DD%
    IF NOT %YY%==2013 date 2013-%MM%-%DD%

    of course there are some negatives but it works for sure.