[How To] Set Up A VPN Connection in Windows 7

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, a network that connects one or more computers to a large network, such as a business network, using the Internet. A VPN is encrypted and safe, so it’s widely adopted by many of businesses. VPN is a pretty complicate network protocol that we are not going to discuss more deep in here. What I cover in this post is a simple how-to that simply shows the steps to set up a VPN connection in Windows 7.

First of all, please note that this how-to uses the built-in network setup right in Windows 7, so it works the best if VPN server on the other side is also from Windows Server.

Open up network and sharing center from Control Panel, and choose Set up a new connection or network.


There are two options in the Connect to a Workplace window. 99% of the time you just need to pick the first option, unless your company only allows you to dial in using a phone line.


Type in the address in either domain name or IP address, and name the connection in the destination name box. And click Next.


You can leave all user login info blank if you feel safe that way in the next window. And click Create. You’re all set if you see the next window as below.


To launch it, simply click the small network icon on the system tray at the bottom right corner, and pick the connection we just created from the popup list, and connect.



Type in your user name and password, and you are on your way connecting your Windows 7 to your company network.

Hope it helps, and enjoy.

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  • da e


  • ivanko

    How to do now to allow my computer to use internet ONLY by the VPN ?

    I mean if the VPN disconnects how to be sure that my computer will not connect directly ?

    I want the VPN the only way to use internet

    • windows7hacker

      Hmm…interesting question but I don't think you can do it. Basically, in order to use VPN you will need to have Internet access first.


  • http://twitter.com/thebuilderdd thebuilderdd

    Do you have to have a VPN server?

  • Erik

    I wanna set up an VPN because my friend wants to stream the olympics and you can only stream it if youre doing it from a swedish IP, and I have a router, so I'm wondering which port this VPN uses and if the “Internet-adress” should be my ip like: xx.xx.xx.xx or xx.xx.xx.xx:w/eportitsusing.


  • Ali

    i need fake vpn for Satlite internet in Express sat but just see erorr 619

  • Matt

    To still be able to use internet go to start -> run -> ncpa.cpl

    Right click your VPN connection – properties -> networking tab.

    Click “Internet Protocol Version 4″ -> properties -> advanced.

    Uncheck “Use Default Gateway On Remote Network”.

    • http://www.windows7hacker.com Kent

      Thanks for pointing it out. Yes, this trick still works.


  • http://vpnprivacy.com/ vpn

    Thanks a lot man!
    Cool trick. Just test it on my Win7

  • sstefoss

    can i play lan games using vpn?
    And if can do that how should i fill the internet address and the destination name?


  • yvonne

    win 7 professional installed,(prev vista and xp ok) dell laptop, before upgrading i used to be able to receive emails via mail client whilst utilising a vpn connection – now no emails until i disconnect – any advice welcome- thanku

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  • http://www.supervpn.net/ Super VPN Service

    Great share mate.So far i found only textual tutorials.

  • jayy

    my vpn disconnects after few seconds after reconnecting it, it disconnects again.. help??

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  • Peter Gudge

    Thank you!!

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  • Ralph

    having problems connecting windows 7 laptop to Windows 2003 server using VPN. security questions are different. My server only requires a secure password and windows 7 wants some form of encryption or protocol that I did not need on vista.

    • Neil

      Reportedly, Windows 7 will not connect to Server 2003 via VPN. Requires Server 2008 due to protocols, etc.

      Can anyone confirm or contradict that statement? And please provide the how-to if it can be done. I believe the instructions posted here only apply to a Windows 7/Server 2008 configuration.

      Thank you.

  • Pie


    If I set up a VPN ony my pc at home, and I want to connect to it from another city to it, is it poosible? And if I can connect, will my computer use the inter from the one that has the VPN?

    Thanks: Pie

  • sensoreas

    whenever I establish a vpn connection from any pc to my windows 7 desktop the connecting pc loses their internet connection can’t fguire it out

  • Arturo

    Hey I have a problem when I want to create a VPN Connection en Win 7, at momment to finished the process the connectio created isn’t work like a VPN it’s create like a Dial Up… I don’t know why!!! I tried the both ways to create the connection but its the same result.

  • Josh

    My VPN connection process seems to be halted at the “verifying user name and password” stage indefinitely. Any tips? I don’t have a company necessarily to connect to; rather, I am abroad and I am unable to access certain websites. Is there anything that can expedite this verification?

    • Tim

      when you set up the vpn, add your other computer as a user, give yourself a un and pw and then confirm it, I got passed that stage and then got hung up on other issues

  • http://www.worldwide.rs/ Prevodilacka Agencija

    Great post.I am using VPN on Windows XP and all is very different.One my friend wants to use VPN on Windows 7 and we couldn’t find good explanations on the web.Now we have it.Thank you.

  • http://weblog.globaladvancedmedia.com Steve Media

    this is so frustrating. I have helped a client setup a VPN to work with his wondows 7 laptop, it works, but then it changes when computer hibernates, or other events I guess.

    this is a security issue for his company – I am perplexed on how to fix this.

    the computer is hooked up to the internet from his home wi-fi internet connection. It uses that internet connection to establish connectivity to the VPN at the office. He is able to surf the internet using the vpn connection fine for a while (shows the work ip address and everything when visiting ipchicken.com, etc) – but after a few hours, I am guessing the computer goes into hibernate or sleep or something – when it “wakes up” – it connects and surfs the net from his home connection – not even asking if he should re-connect to the office VPN.

    Any way to force us of the VPN ONLY? any way to disable programs from accessing the internet straight through the home connection? Any way to popup a warning screen or something?

    Any help is seriously appreciated!

    • http://practicalrambler.blogspot.com/ Pramble

      I wrote a guide for Windows 7 Firewall that might of assistance to you.


  • chino

    tengo problemas para conectar una vpn en win 7 por medio del wi fi , me esta pidiendo una configuracion del ipsec que desconozco.
    Si puedo conectarme por medio de lan , pero no wi fi , aguien me puede decir que tipo de configuracion lleva ?

  • Manu

    Thanks…. The information which you have provided very use full… and it is working

  • Travis

    Can you enter the default gateway for the network or only the IP address of an individual device? Sorry if that is a stupid question.

  • babak

    help me to error 868

  • overthing

    how can i change my VPN password ?

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  • Vae

    I’ve created a vpn server on windows 7 and a vpn client on another pc with windows 7. I can connect and it works perfectly, i can ping the computers on the lan. But I have a problem: in the Network window, I can’t see the shared hard disks nor the shared folders! (When I’m “normally” connected on lan it all works as it should).
    What can I do?

  • bala

    hey in our room we are using internet connection through belkin router ..wifi .. 4 to 5 laps are using wifi to connect to the internet .. Can i use internet connection between the wifi and any one of the lap with maximum bandwith ..

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  • melika

    what about user name and password????

  • http://superbvpn.com/ Novak

    Great post and everything is explained very good. I will recommend this article when ever I hear that someone have problems with settings.

  • Arkerns

    it says Error: 720
    and i can´t conect to my work vpn
    what is this error?
    any sugestion

  • Rose

    I tried to set up a VPN many times in my new computer but still I get this message “Can’t establish a connection” error 800. I diagnosed it but still won’t work. I tried freefreevpn and hotstop. Hotspot conects but it cuts the connection every minute. What should I do? Help.

  • http://www.mobile.safilsunny.com/tag/cocoa/ Windows Phone 7 tutorials

    Excellent weblog here! Additionally your site so much up very fast! What web host are you the usage of? Can I am getting your associate link to your host? I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol

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  • coeus

    Hy, great article, but i need some help.
    Can I create VPN server on one computer on windows 7 ultimate at my work that is connected to router via LAN. Router is using static IP. Than connect from home to that router and access shared files on that computer. Can you explain me procedure for that. thanks.

  • Sahil

    plz……..telll me that
    how to set up a vpn using a data card
    and in the step when it asks for internet address…….what is it our web address……????

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  • Darshana

    can i connect to a win 7 pc from another win 7 pc via vpn?i am using no-ip for host.

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  • Ali25466

    How could i use vpn in my i phon

    • http://about.me/kentchen Kent Chen

      Go to Settings_>General->Network, and configure VPN settings there. And back to Settings once you are done configuration to use it.

  • M Doosti

    hello what do inactive properties in vpn conection?

  • Whatever


  • Sam

    Can you use this for gaming servers?

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  • Fereshteh_nejad


  • uk vpn

     VPN is a virtual
    private network that establishes an encrypted tunnel between your home PC and a
    remote server. You can be surfing
    on the internet in the United States but the VPN will show that you are
    somewhere else like Italy. Since your IP Address will show up as a different
    location, you will finally be able to enjoy the websites that have restrictions
    to other countries. You should be able to switch your locations with ease. This
    data transfer is also highly encrypted so that you are secure too. Security is
    maintained because people to whom you are communicating will not be able to
    trace your original location but that of server location that your VPN is


  • www.elegantwebdesigns.com

    Thank you for your thread. :)

  • Santhana Krishnan

    please note what is the username and password

  • Deepakthejatt

    guy i can’t able to connect to vpn

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    good.thank.I,m a iranian man.

  • Aalone Personn

    nice Post Here Is Another easy Method


  • Charles

    Just go in to your network settings and configure it such that windows no longer automatically connects to the Wifi router.

  • http://www.green-light.ca Keith

    I have read the same. I have two windows 7 laptops, a toshiba and a dell. The toshiba connects but ends up using it’s “toshiba soft modem” as the device that works, while the dell fails and doesn’t have such a faux devices. I think toshiba’s soft device is accomidating the problem while the stock windows 7 from dell lacks a similar go between program.

    It sounds like windows 7 can’t connect to windows 2003 without some help. Still searching for that help.