How to setup Bluetooth device pairing with Windows 7

Ever since Apple has enabled the Bluetooth to stream music wireless on iPhone years ago, I have been always fascinated by the fact that you can now listen to music without having the annoying wire around you. You can actually do the same on Windows too. Here is what I’ve done with the Bluetooth streaming on my Acer Aspire 5580 laptop pairing with LG HBS-200 Stereo Headphone set in Windows 7 RC.

Before I start here is the different version of Windows that Supports* the A2DP (taken from wiki)

  • Windows XP: Does not natively support A2DP, but newer Bluetooth USB dongles and built-in adapters include drivers with A2DP support.
  • Windows Vista: Does not support A2DP natively, but third-parties can provide A2DP profile support without entirely replacing Microsoft’s stack. Service Pack 2 adds Bluetooth 2.0 capabilities.
  • Windows 7: RC no longer includes a Bluetooth audio class driver (However, do support A2DP)

Since my laptop is a lower end of the Acer Aspire series it does not have Bluetooth hardware built in. What I did was go to eBay and bought a USB Bluetooth dongle and with a week and a half waiting here it is. It’s cheap. You can get it for under $2 plus free shipping. I’ve also bought the LG HBS-200 to test out the A2DP music stream.


Step 1 Plug in the USB Bluetooth dongle if you don’t have Bluetooth build in

bluetooth driver install

After you’ve plugged in Windows will automatically find the right driver for you. As you can see here the driver is successfully installed.

Step 2

Type “Bluetooth” in the start menu bluetooth setup

Click for Add a Bluetooth device, in the meantime, make sure your Bluetooth headphone is on.

searching for devices

Windows will automatically search for your device. With any luck, your device should be listed below. [Note: If you need to enter any passcode try 0000 that’s the default for most of the Bluetooth device out there, if doesn’t work, check the user menu of your device.]

LG HBS 200 bluetooth windows 7

Go to control panel > Hardware and Sound > Device and Printer > Bluetooth Devices You should be able to see your device here, and test out the sound settings etc. Make sure you’ve chosen the Bluetooth headphone for playback and you are now good to go! Enjoy

If the device is having difficult to be paired next time, here is how you can reconnect a paired Bluetooth audio device with your computer.

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Last updated: 12/22/2015

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