How To Setup XBMC with Icefilms on Windows 7 – Alternative Way to Netflix to Stream Movies and TV Shows For Free

[UPDATE Jan 21st 2012] If Icefilms is not working for you please checkout this new guide on XBMC plugins (Icefilms alternative) let’s you to stream TV Shows and Movies

[UPDATE Jan 20th 2012] Iceflims has removed all the links to Megaupload, and have replaced most of the links to 2shared, XBMC plugin has updated to v1.0.22 get the latest version or update via anarchintosh-project repo within XBMC.

[UPDATE Jan 19th 2012] Megaupload has been shutdown ! They were the core behind hosting all the iceflims video. So for now all the video on the iceflims that are pointed to Megaupload will not work, in fact most of the videos are hosted on Megaupload. Until there are new ways to redirect all the videos onto other hosts, you will not be able to view any videos from icefilms. We will update this post as story happens, so be sure to come back and check.

[UPDATE July 17th 2011] Icefilms has proven to be the BEST alternative with the latest Netflix plan change. Be sure to download and update the Icefilm add-ons, if you found Icefilm showing no source to view the video, chances are you are running on an old plugin.

[UPDATE Jan 2nd, 2012] Download the latest v1.0.21

[UPDATE Jan 6th, 2012]

Install iceflims via anarchintosh-projects repo

This is a better way to install Iceflims add-on to XBMC, rather than install the add-on every time there is an update, the proper way is to install “anarchintosh-projects repo” add-on first and then install Iceflims add-on

Go download the


Go to System > Settings > Add-ons. Install the anarchintosh-projects add-on


Now go back to “Add-ons” apart from the default Add-ons you should also see the anarchintosh add-ons


Go into anarchintosh add-on


Select Video Add-ons

Now You can install the Iceflims, it will always be the most updated one. And the benefit by installing this way is that you will get update notifications from XBMC everytime Icefilms has a new update, this way ensures you to running on the latest plugins !

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Heard of Netflix ? The ever growing popular online streaming service that charges you $9 a month to stream OLD movies and TV Shows.

Well, if you ever want to stream Movies or TV Shows for free you are in luck today. Introduce XBMC + Icefilms, the most powerful combination to enrich your home entertainment. In a way this is better than what Netflix offers you for $9 a month.

Here is how to get started

First you need to download the media center XBMC, originally designed for Xbox, but have grow ever since and now it’s a cross platform media center you don’t want to miss.

Next, download the icefilms add-on (always download the latest zip file) for XBMC. Icefilms is a third party source to view all the goodies that you can ever possible to imagine.


Once you done installing XBMC, fire it up. Go to System > Add-ons.


Choose “Install from zip file”


Use the keyboard arrow key or the mouse to navigate to the add-on you just downloaded a moment ago. Hit OK when you done. By doing so you have just enabled the add-on. To make the use of this add-on go back to main menu. Video > Add-on

title="adson" border="0" alt="adson" src="" width="620" height="442" />

There will be a list of add-ons, select Icefilms


Choose Popular or other sorting option provided.


Wola, you’ve just got yourself a list of movies to be watch for free, all in high quality.


Some Movies or Videos will have more than one source, all streaming from Megaupload server. You need to wait for a while to start streaming, once the wait is over. You can enjoy the show. waiting_to_play

That’s it, for now, XBMC is a great software if you are interested in building a home entertainment system. Give them a try, you will enjoy it. (Please note: we are not supporting nor encouraging any use of validating Copyright content. Simply provide a guidance what’s possible from a software prospective)

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  • Rich

    I followed the instructions above, and can see the video playing, but no sound. I did try to adjust audio within the application, but no luck. Any suggestions?

    • Jonathan

      does your computer play sound in other applications ? if it plays, go to xbmc when the video is playing hover over the mouse and you should see the top controller bar appear you can adjust volumes from there.


  • polar135

    Can i stream the feed to a tv threw a PS3 or something like that? (I have a HDMI hook up i could use but would rather stream over my network.)

  • george

    i followed all of the instructions above and i cant seem to find the zip file on xbmc any suggestions

  • Chook

    Cool addition. Thanks for the write up and sharing :)

  • supermilk

    Thanks a million, XBMC with Icefilms is

    Fu**ing rad. I had netflix and cancelled

    it. Why wouldn’t I?, Icefilms Has 10

    times the amount of stuff live streaming!

  • Ash

    Hi, i’ve had this for a while but over the weekend it is no longer finding the source files once a film has been selected to play?

    So to recap, i have all the lists of tv shows/films etc
    I choose one, and there are no source files as in fig.7 above?

    tried re-installing etc but no joy? Any ideas?

  • Dave

    Yep, no sources – anyone any idea?

  • nicolaj

    Hello, i got some problems with tv shows, after 2 days i have seen 3 episodes of south park and now it wont work, i cant find any tv shows at all, but all the movies are there..

  • Thomas Koshy

    I am running XBMC with a the icefilms plug in for Windows 7. For the past week I cannot see the episodes in the folders…All I see is the list of shows and when you enter into that folder it is empty.. Anyone has a solution for this

  • vu

    can’t install ice film

  • alon

    i got the script enabled but when i choose a category withing the depository i get a “script failed” notice.
    have updated to the latest version of the script i could find 1.0.11.
    i tried with and with no metadata. no luck either way.
    what am i missing?

  • booboo

    Come on peoples.
    Just freakin google it.
    Dont’t be so needy and lazy.
    You can do it!!
    I just loaded it last night with the newest version and it works flawless!
    All from using the google search.

  • Sebastian

    It would probably be better to follow the steps laid out here:

    In that way, you can be sure to always have convenient access to receive the latest updates for the addon.

  • Laraine Ogwin

    Check out complete movie films for 100 % free

  • michael

    how do you get icefilms zip into xbmc.i have been trying for the last four hours with no cuccess.

  • berty

    This guide is terrible.
    You should be installing the anarchintosh repository first! Then the icefilms addon will auto-update.

  • rollie02

    Sorry but i am new to this. so im sorry if it sounds stupid ha

    If i do what is said above and watch a film say, does this stream through my pc or will it download the film, i dont want to be stuck with hundreds of films on my pc

    so i guess what im saying is does it download the film or just stream, sorry for the stupid question

  • linda

    help? when i locate the zip file (system-add ons- install from zip file…it’s there in my c drive but) in xbmc i cannot click “ok”…the “ok” isn’t even lit up. what have i done wrong?

  • DarkkZero

    one question everythng work great now can view it with close caption any movie or any program show that the only wuestion thank is awsome

  • John

    is there a mac version?

  • Pablo Elustondo

    Since yesterday, Jan 2, both my windows 7 and mac installation start having icefilms plugin script failure. Two of my friends, one running on mac and other on vista same.
    Was there any general problem?
    Is there a patch or new version?
    Thanks!, Pablo.

  • Mark c

    Every add-on ive downloaded so far i have unzipped the folder to my downloads and go in to xbmc when i go to add-ons and install from zip i find the add on folder and click into it but nothing is there just the sub folders but they contain nothing…..hope i explained it enough as it is really annoying me please help

  • fairladyz33

    Sry for the noobness but what about ppl who already have icefilms installed but want to go the anarchintosh-projects method of installing icefilms? Mine is working fine as-is but I’d like it to auto update. Should I uninstall my current icefilms and do it over again with anarchintosh?

  • Henrik

    Hi! I downloaded XBMC and the icefilms.zom thing the newest but im kinda nooby on this kind of stuff and when i found the zip folder the way you showed me it didnt come on the video addons… Could you plzz contact me on skype or something? (If you got) My skype adress is: henrikwarren ! Hope you can help me!

  • Garfield

    Is icefilm stil down as it’s not uploading any movies/shows I chose since last Sunday

  • Lasse

    I have downloaded and activatet the XBMC with the “anarchintosh-projects repo” add-on. And theres only around 5-6 video’s in HD? What am i doing wrong?
    And many of the movies in non-HD does not begin if i try to watch them?


  • Devin

    okay, so i am completely new at doing this! i have icefilms on xbmc and i can get all the way to the point right before looking at full movie or part 1, part 2, etc…
    all it does is give me the little .. and thats it.
    anyone have similiar issues?

  • Ibra A

    i do all this . but he tell me error !!!!!

  • Aneeq Tariq

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    //Read and stream the file


    echo “Sorry, the file does not exist!”;





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  • Mr. KIpps

    That’s not a fix for the issue. Many people are having the same problem, if you don’t have a definitive answer then just don’t hand out suggestions that don’t work and waste peoples time just to sound helpful. It’s not. The closest solution to the problem is replacing the default.dy file with a hacked one.

  • Fail

    FAIL !

  • Climb

    You probably have a slow internet connection.
    It buffers fine for me.. but I have a 15mb fibre connection.

  • Tom

    I have the same problem as Mark c has. Tried downloading loads of different add-ons but I just see the folders, there’s nothing in there. Any suggestions as there are more people with the same problem?