How To Turn Your Windows 8 Computer into A Wireless Hotspot Access Point

Since Windows 7, Microsoft has built in the virtual WiFi technology into Windows that gives the ability to turn any Windows machine with the supported wireless adapter into a wireless hotspot natively without the helps from any 3rd party tools. A pretty feature could be very useful and handy but lacks of a pretty and easy-to-use user interface.

Let’s take look how it works first.

1. Open Command Prompt window as Administrator

You can do so press Win+X and choose command prompt (admin) from the list.

Command Prompt as Admin

2. Type the following command to check if you have a supported wireless device.

netsh wlan show drivers

netsh wlan show drivers

3. If yes, type the following command to set wireless parameters such as SSID, and passcode, and start the service

netsh wlan  set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=myssid key=password

replace myssid and password with your own choice.

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

netsh wlan

4. Turn on Internet Connection Sharing on the network adaptor that has the access to the Internet. You can do so by

  1. Going to Control Panel, Network & Internet, and Network Connections.
  2. Right click the adaptor and go to properties.
  3. Turn on the option “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” under Sharing tab. Make sure to pick the enabled Wireless virtual adaptor as the Home networking connection.

Network Sharing Properties

5. That’s it once you click OK. The network connections window should look like something like this.

Network Connection with Virtual WiFi

Now I can connect my iPhone to it. Isn’t it nice?

iPhone wifi connection

But that’s too cumbersome, isn’t it? What’s worse is that it doesn’t stay. You need to do it all over again after you reboot your computer.

To streamline a bit, you can save the two netsh commands shown above into a batch file. Right click the batch file and Run as Administrator every time when you need to enable it. You can even save a shortcut of the batch file into the Startup (%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\) to let it run automatically every time when you log in. Make sure you change the shortcut properties to make sure it runs as administrator to gain the right privilege.

You can download the batch file here (right click and save the target as…) to start with.

If that’s also quite too techy, here comes a very cool app called Connectify that could simplify all these with a much pretty user interface. The latest version supports Windows 8 quite nicely.


Connectify on Windows 8

/update on June 6, 2013/

We’ve also compiled a list of 8 free tools that easily turns your Windows system into a wireless hotspot.

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  • Aadityabrahmbhatt

    what is password….???

  • Kamaran Mohsin

    i got this problem when i use CMD

    is not recognized as an internal or external command

  • tabrez

    it shows hostednetwork supported =no
    what should i do?

  • rahmat

    i deleted local area connection *12 by mistake , it doesn’t apear anymore
    What is the solution for this ?

  • Andy

    Thanks a lot ;)

  • Nik Steel

    I encountered a issue similar to the one tahmat described. I created the network, and then disabled it because my wired connection stopped working. I fixed the wired network, but when I attempt to recreate the wireless hotspot with the command prompt, i get this message: “The hosted network couldn’t be started. The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation.”.

  • Zantay

    i have a problem, i already shared the connection but it dosen’t look like the image, and when i try to connect my ipad it said “unable to connect” any ideas ?

  • Gachmuret

    Is there a way to choose on which wifi adapter the virtual hosted network will be created?

    Because I am using an external USB adapter with stronger antenna but windows prefers the interneal one. I use both of them what makes it more difficult, if not, I could simply deactivate it, the it will choose the externeal automatically… any advises? Thanks!

  • rahul raman

    what to do if i get no in 3rd step

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  • alvin

    how to know who use our wifi with using cmd?

    • CKK

      show hostednetwork

  • Showkath Ali

    thanks alot my friend it really worked and now my laptop has become wireless adaptor adnd i can connect my HTC

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  • kvafsal

    it stuck on my fon with obtaining ipkv

  • Segun

    While my windows 8 PC is on Ethernet adapter (i.e. connected to internet through LAN cable and not wirelessly), I had to ensure the “ssid” parameter is set exactly to have the same name as the “connection name” of my regular LAN connection before the setup could work. Thought this may be helpful to someone…..

    • Marius

      Thank you, it worked in my case, as well!

  • Kamran

    Fucking awesome dude. You are my hero.

  • Gagan Ugra

    I followed the steps given above. Everything is done but when i am trying to connect my mobile via wifi, its not happening. Its showing OBTAINING IP ADDRESS,, nothing is happening then.. Help me…………….

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  • Carnie

    I think I broke something. The hotspot was intermittent, so I disabled it trying to cycle it and reset it. Now when I run “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” the command prompt tells me ” The hosted network couldn’t be started. The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation.” I tried re-running the whole script again, but I get the same result.

    • Kent Chen

      You may have to reset your TCP/IP protocol on your computer to get a fresh start.

    • Scott Gilbertson

      Uninstall the wireless adapter then re install.

    • rhapsody

      troubleshoot your network adapter. go to control panel then under “system and security” click “find and fix problems” then click “network and internet”, click “network adapter” and start the troubleshooter. after done troubleshooting, re-type the command in cmd, press enter and you’re done.

    • CCK

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  • Nat NL

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  • manan bhagat

    every time i write ssid and key den dis commands strikes back “you must run this command from a command prompt with administrator privilige”…..plz help..!!

    • Kent Chen

      Press WIN+X, choose Command Prompt (Admin) to open Command Prompt with admin privilege.

  • jerry george Jaimon

    I did a mistake.I disabled Local Network Connection 13.Who can we enable it?

    • Kent Chen

      Go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network Connections, to enable it.

      • jerry george Jaimon

        Where is it in windows 8?

        • Renny

          Get into Device Manager and then network adapter and then you can enable in the Win8.
          Coz even i was facing from same issue, so issue resolved

  • VivekRaj

    My android phone is connected. But, there is no internet access in my phone. I have done every thing you said….

  • jerry george Jaimon

    I followed the steps given above. Everything is done but when i am trying to connect my mobile(galaxy pocket) via wifi, its not working.It is connected to the network.There is no internet access in my phone. When I checked in network and sharing center the network is having internet access.

  • rhapsody

    i am experiencing a different problem, i have already connected my phone but i can’t access the internet. any help?

  • Matheo Gavilano

    I would like to know If I can change the security settings from wpa to wep from my computer hotspot?

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    I want to user WEP not WAP. Because my device not suport WAP
    How to change WAP to WEP?

  • karan mahajan

    when i type start hostednetwork and press enter .they show your device is not in this position to share network

  • mehdi

    ook here’s a mojor problem.. i created it with the cmd method. everything worked fine.
    just due to some reason i disabled that ” local area network *12 ” and then it dissapered. i tried again with the cmd method again. dosnt work. help please…

  • cering

    C:Windowssystem32>netsh wlan start hostednetwork

    The hosted network couldn’t be started.

    The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested opera


    i am facing this problem….help meh

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    • Kent Chen

      well…do you have a wireless adapter installed?

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    if i give “netsh wlan show drivers” . then it is showing that, there are no wireless interface on the system. please let me know , what should i do?

  • Rich

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  • jj

    when i ever go to wifi properties it doesnt show share just shows networking and thats it

  • CCK

    Try this .bat file with admin access. Download this file from

    and to make it admin accessible, do the following….

    1. right click the bat file, click “Create Shortcut”

    2. right click the shortcut bat file, click “Properties, and in the “”Shortcut” tab, Click “Advanced”

    3. Check “Run as Admin”

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