How to Upgrade Windows 8 Consumer Preview from Developer Preview

If you are one of those very early adaptors out there you’ve probably heard or have tried Windows 8 Developer Preview released in last September. Today Microsoft has just announced their public beta, aka Consumer Preview, of the upcoming Windows 8. Together, there are tons of changes and improvements over the initial Developer Preview release.


Here are some highlights of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

  • Broad range of product changes and improvements
  • Windows Store with an “App Preview” of new apps
  • Connecting to the cloud across Windows PCs and Windows Phones
  • Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 5

So if you have a Windows 8 Developer Preview, here is how you can upgrade your system to the latest Consumer Preview.

I installed my first Windows 8 Developer Preview first day when it came out on the virtual box. Since then, there are many different methods you can try out Windows 8 but the upgrade process from Windows 8 Developer Preview to Consumer Preview are pretty much the same.

Insert the ISO image or CD


Let the Windows 8 Developer Preview start up.


Now go back to Windows 8 Developer Preview Desktop and start the ISO image.

Important note: if you are running Windows 8 Developer Preview 64-bit, make sure the Consumer Preview is matching to what your original version. So if you have 32-bit installed, download the corresponding 32-bit Consumer Preview image as well.


Now just follow the on screen step and ready to roll!


One thing need to point out is that, Windows 8 Consumer Preview setup you need to have this product key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J in order to continue to finish the installation process.


Lastly just wait till this finishes.


When everything are all over you will see this “beta” fish (Betta) has changed over since the last time you saw it.

Last updated: 08/04/2014

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