P-Apps Makes Any Installed Software Portable

I love portable tools, including those used on my computer. If a software that has a portable version I will go for it instead of the installation version. If I were to choose one software over the other, I will always go for the one that is portable. The less get installed on your computer, the better. That’s particularly true on Windows.

P-Apps is free portable application builder that builds any software as a package that can be used anywhere without installing it. And you can use those P-Apps portabled applications from virtually anywhere. That’s just so cool.

To make an application portable,

First, launch P-Apps application and do a pre-scan.


Then, install the application you want to mobilize, once the pre-scan is finished. On my test machine, I installed Adobe Reader X after the pre-scan stage is done.

After than, do a post-scan by just following what’s on the screen.



A list of new installed executable files since last pre-scan will be listed once the post-scan is finished. Pick one that’s suitable and go to Next.


You will now have 3 options to choose in terms of the File system security modes, from low to high. Read the information carefully on the screen to choose one that works for you. The default choice is High, which restricts the write access completely.


Go to Next step to choose a location to save the packaged application.


Make sure the selected executable file isn’t running in the Task manager before pressing Finish button

Once you press Finish button, the portable version of the executable file will be created in the folder you selected momentarily.

P-Apps brought us a new way of packaging software to make it complete portable. While the idea is new and the software does indeed work, I did encounter a few glitches during the process I was testing. But it’s definitely worth trying if you have an application you want badly to be portable. It works particularly well with those software that don’t alter the kernel changes.

Both pre-scan and post-scan processes take quite a bit time to finish. So be patient while the application is trying to make you happy.

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