Running Windows 7 on a Dinosaur

A member of The Windows Club named hackerman1 posted an interesting post from his own test findings on Windows 7, called Windows 7 on a Dinosaur. It’s amazing seeing a very modern operation system can be run on such an ancient machine, P2 with 96/128M RAM. It’s just another example demonstrating how awesome Windows 7 is.

W7 runs on a P2 with 266MHz CPU, 96MB RAM & 4Mb graphic card !
i have done 3 tests: 2 successfull…
1. 128 MB RAM
2. 96 MB ram

And here are the two screenshots he took showing the success.



This guy is actually luck that he can still find the hardware that old. He also mentioned that

i also have a P1 with 166Mhz CPU & 1MB Graphic card, without the powersupply-unit, as i have used it for some tests on another PC.

if i can find the Powersupply-unit, i´m going to test the P1 tomorrow…

Oh well, who says Microsoft can’t make a good product anymore?

P.S. Thanks to Stephen for finding this unusual example.

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