Sticky Notes Online Goes On iPhone Getting Your Notes Sync'd Across the Platform

We previously covered  a Gadget-based notes taking app called Sticky Notes Online as an alternative to the native Sticky Notes in Windows 7. If you haven’t tried it yet, you may want to consider giving it a ride now especially when you also carry an iPhone with you at all time, because this app now has an iPhone version app released on App Store that extends your ability of notes taking to almost anywhere.

Basically, Sticky Notes Online runs as a Gadget on your desktop. Any notes you take on the app will be saved on the server automatically, if you are a registered user. With the data saved online, that makes you literally can access your notes anywhere you want as long as you can access a computer that connects to the internet. Now with the iPhone app working together, it makes things even better. You can have a digital notes in your pocket ready for you jotting down the notes or ideas whenever you can.


Both desktop version of Sticky Notes Online and registration are free. However, the iPhone app does cost you a cup of coffee to get it on your phone. But, hey, if you find it’s useful, paying a cup of coffee for something that saves you time is totally worth it, isn’t it?

Sticky Notes Online on iPhone (iTunes Link)