[Study] Is the New Ribbon Interface More Efficient in Windows 8?

Ribbon, a controversial user interface from birth, is inevitably making its way out of Office getting more exposure in the next version of Windows 8. The reaction to this has been mixed, according to these over 13,00 comments. I am personally more at the welcome side. Not only because I am tired of old fashion of dropdown, but also the more I use it, the more I feel it works better. So does Ciprian Rusen, the founder of 7Tutorials.  He even made a step forward did a study that puts down how efficient Ribbon is in numbers.


The study was conducted on two computers, XP w/ SP3 and Windows 8 Developer Preview, with both had the latest updates installed. Three programs are tested on both machines to compare the efficiency, WordPad, Paint, and Windows Explorer. While the first two didn’t quite speak themselves since no many people are using them nowadays, the study done with Windows Explorer is what I am after and the result is quite stunning.

Cipiran compared a number of 15 tasks which we all believe are frequently executed on daily basis on both versions of Windows Explorers. The number of steps needed to perform these tasks on Windows 8 version of Windows Explorer are averagely 0.8 steps short, which makes a total of up to 23% more efficient.


The conclusion from the study is fairly obvious, using Ribbon will certainly increase your efficiency to make you more productive. While the study was only done in a short list of Windows built-in tools, the number we saw here does speak out itself. The ribbon is certainly better, but the learning curve to get us there is not something everyone wants to take.