SystemPowerShortcuts Adds System Power Option Shortcuts on Windows 8 Start Screen

One of the complains about Windows 8 is that it’s not that obvious where to shutdown or hibernate the machine. While it’s not that difficult to do, it would be nice if the power options are very obvious right in front of my eyes. SystemPowerShortcuts is a free tool that adds 6 power shortcuts right on the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen so that you can active one of them with a single finger tap or a mouse click.

SystemPowerShortcuts start screen

The power options are added as quick shortcuts on the Metro screen are:

  • Hibernate
  • Lock
  • Sign-off
  • Restart
  • Shutdown
  • Sleep

There is also one more shortcut called System Power Shortcut that quickly puts all 6 power options to the right border of the screen, with a shutdown scheduler at the bottom of the screen.

systemPowerShortcuts quick access

All 7 shortcuts are added as a group so you can easily move the whole group around and name it to whatever you like. Each of the power options can also be pinned to the taskbar on the desktop for quick access as well. Simply right-click the tile and choose Pin to taskbar from the option bar at the bottom of the screen.

SystemPowerShortcuts requires .NET 4.0 framework and works on both Windows 8 and Windows 7.

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