What is Torch Browser, and Can I Use it to Download Torrent Files?

About a week or two ago, I started noticing the following message popping up at the top of sites like isoHunt asking me to upgrade to a different browser that supports the direct Torrent downloads.

Chrome Doesn't Support Direct Torrent Download

I didn’t bother at the first since it’s been working fine until a couple of days ago when I couldn’t download a Torrent file. I was like what’s a big deal. So I took the nerve and clicked the Upgrade button. After a popping up ads which I quickly closed, I was redirected to a new browser download page asking me to download this browser called Torch.

Torch website

Then I was hesitated because this is unknown to me, a new browser I’ve never heard of. Curiously, I went to Google and quickly did a research to find out what it is. Turns out, this Torch Browser is a freeware Chromium based web browser and Internet suite developed by Torch Media. In another words, it’s just another version of Chrome powered by the same engine. The reviews and ratings on both CNET and Softonic are quite good as well.

So I went ahead, and have it downloaded and installed on my computer. It works quite well without any interferences to my default browser Google Chrome. And because of this, the surfing experience in Torch is quite good, smooth, and light weighted. The unique feature that makes Torch different from others is the built-in BitTorrent client that allows users to download torrent files directly from the Internet.

So, if you are looking for an all-in-one browser that does the search, download torrent files all together, Torch is made just for you. Otherwise, if you have a BitTorrent client already installed, you can definitely stay away from it and just use your default browser, whichever one you are using.

But the bottom line, it’s safe to download and use Torch Browser, if you want to try something new and different.

Last updated: 08/04/2014

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