What to do when Windows Explorer is not responding in Windows 7

We all get error message like this “Windows Explorer is not responding” One of the reason is because the system is in a deadlock situation. To discover more what is computer deadlock click here. So what to do when Windows shown this kind error message? Well there are many reasons this kind error occur, no one perfect explanation for all different situation. Sometimes, when you insert a disk you will be unable to play what’s inside the disk and you get an error like this. Sometimes, when you try to install programs and it never ends error like this again. This is the most common error, there are two ways you can solve this, manually stop this, if you click “close the program” doesn’t work then

  • Tip #1 press “control + Shift + Esc” this will bring you the task manager, yes it’s not the old “control + Alt + delete“. When the task manage is up you can find which program uses the most CPU/memory, and manually stop them. Hopefully your computer won’t get frozen again.
  • Tip #2 this applies when you constantly getting this kind error, say whenever you do something your PC froze. So if you ever have this kind situation than there is a real problem. Inside the Windows 7 you can try to use a very useful tool that has already been build-in, it’s called the Problem Steps Recorder. ( find it just type “problem Steps recorder” in the start manual)

Good luck ! and Enjoy your new Windows 7 [Update on Feb 8, 2011] If you are among those who have been suffering the pain of constant Windows Explorer not responding crashes, hope this post here may be able to help you out.

Last updated: 08/04/2014

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