Windows 8 Guide: The Hot Corners

Microsoft finally put some good use on those corners that had been ignored for decades. If you are serious about considering using Windows 8 extensively down the road, you need to know and get familiar with these hot corners. The more you use them, the more you get out of it.

And here is a quick guide on these hot corners to get you start with.

First of all

The corners are not for a tablet or touch device. They have their own weapon, swiping across the screen board, but we leave that for another day.

Upper Left Corner

It’s where you pull out the new Windows 8 Switch List that thumbnails all running apps. Moving your cursor to the upper left corner brings up the switch list, if there are more than one app running at the time. Simply click one of them to switch.

Windows 8 Switch List

Lower Left Corner

With mouse left click, it toggles between the Desktop (if opened) and new Start Screen (Metro screen)

With mouse right click, it brings up new Power User Menu with all admin tools like Device Manager, Control Panel, Command Prompt, etc..)

Screenshot (4)

Upper Right Corner

Pulls out the new Windows 8 Charm bar.

Windows 8 Charm Bar

Lower Right Corner

Brings out the Windows 8 Charm bar.

On Desktop, you have the choice of Aero Peak or Show Desktop, with a right click at the corner.

Screenshot (3)

Windows 8 has retired the old fashion Start Menu but introduced more options trying to improve the overall usability. These hot corners definitely has made up some for the missing Start Menu.

Kent Chen

Microsoft MVP, IT Professional, Developer, Geek, and the co-founder of Next of Windows.

Last updated: 08/04/2014

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