10 Infographics about Microsoft in 2011 [infograph]


It’s December, a month for looking back and seeing what you have accomplished during the year. And here is what Microsoft thinks they have done in 10 infographics.

Windows 7 and Office 2010

image Also want to check the history of a decade of influential technology by Microsoft? Check this out. image

Desktop Virtualization

This is a popular area for IT pros who want to simplify their work managing many of traditional desktops. image

Private Cloud Computing

This is Microsoft’s bet on Cloud. image

Windows Intune

What is it exactly? In short, it’s the platform that brings together Windows Cloud services and Windows 7 Enterprise in a single, monthly subscription to help businesses manage and secure their PCs. image image

Small Business and the Cloud

It’s all about Office 365, really. image

Internet Explorer

This is probably only few area I don’t really appreciate what Microsoft has accomplished. Yes, the development of IE has been very active and the result out of it is better. But unfortunately, it’s still not good enough to make me set it as my default browser on a daily basis. Security isn’t a big of issue since version 8 but the usability is just not there. image

Zeroing in on Malware

A nice job done here. image

Evolution of Email

Outlook is not only as an email client anymore. Middle-click your mouse to open it in a new window. image



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