13 Must Know Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts


Windows 8 is a touch-focused operating system that also works quite well with your traditional keyboard and mouse with a lot of new Metro-focused keyboard shortcuts. You need to learn and get familiar with them in order to learn and get most out of it.

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Here are 13 Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts you must know of.


Win + F – brings up the Metro Files search menu

Win + Q – brings up the Metro Apps search menu

Win + W – brings up the Metro Settings search menu


Win + . (period) – snaps the current Metro app to the side, toggling through Left, Right, and Full


Win + , (comma) – Aero peek at the Desktop

Charms Menu

Win + C – brings up the Charms menu at the right side of your screen.

Switch Menu

Win + Tab – opens up the Switch List from the left board of your screen.


Win + I (letter i) – opens up the Settings panel for the current Metro app

Win + H – opens up the Share panel

Win + K – opens up the Devices panel (for connecting to a project or 2nd monitor)

App Bar

Win + Z – opens up the App bar for the current Metro app from bottom and/or top side of the screen.

Start Menu

Win + X – brings up the Start Menu (more like an admin tool menu), equivalent to right click the left bottom corner of your screen.


Win + Print Scrn – not only takes and copies a screenshot of your current screen, but also saves it as PNG format in your Pictures folder. This is definitely my favorite.

There are obviously more keyboard shortcuts you also need to know but this list of 13 keyboard shortcuts are the most important ones you definitely need to know and remember.



  1. What about Win + D to show the desktop? That is the one many may want from the start, along with ctrl +alt + delete to logout and find the shutdown button. 🙂


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