3 More Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcut Tips You May Find Useful


We all love keyboard shortcuts, especially the useful one, because they are helpful, easy to use, and improve your productivity when used properly. Here are 3 more tips on quick keyboard shortcut that you may not know before.

1. A quick way to automatically resize all columns in Details view

Details view is my favorite view format when browsing folders and files in Windows Explorer, but it’s pretty annoying every time when I need to resize the column to be able to see the full name of the files. Now here is a quick way of doing so. When in Details view, pressing the following keyboard shortcut will automatically do the magic for you.

CTRL + NumPad + (meaning that press CTRL and the + sign on the Numeric Keypad only)

For example, here is the screenshot before the keyboard shortcut was pressed. Note that the Name, Date, and Type columns are all squeezed.


Here is after pressing CTRL + NumPad+, with these columns all expended.


The nice thing about this tip is that it works in any applications that support Details view but the downside is that you will have to have the numeric keypad in order to take advantage of this tip. Unfortunately, the laptop I am using right now doesn’t have it, nor do I have on the desktop keyboard.

2. Flipping through Windows applications in backwards

Normally, we just use either ALT + TAB or WinKey + TAB to flip through the running applications to locate the application we are looking for. It’s painful when you have a long list of running applications and you flip through them too quick that you’ve just missed it, because then you will have to start all over again. It turns out, when it happens, you can simply press


to go backwards.

3. Undo and Retry trick for the file deletion

You may have already known that CTRL + Z is for undo, and CTRL + Y is for redo, but do you know that the same trick also works with the file deletion in Windows 7? Yes, pressing CTRL + Z right after you delete a file to the recycle bin recovers the same file back to where it used to be, and pressing CTRL + Y will move it back to the recycle bin. And yes, this tip is only valid with recycle bin.

Credit goes to Paul Thurrott for sharing these tips in his Windows 7 tip of the week.

Hope you find the tips useful. If you do, here are more keyboard shortcuts that you may also find useful.



  1. My most used shortcuts are:
    + (where # is the slot next to the start pearl) to quick launch a program


    + to launch the run command


    ++ to launch a program from the start menu with admin token (as in elevated)


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