4 Ways to Find Out MAC Address on Your Windows Computer


Every network adapter has a unique universal identifier assigned to its interface, called MAC Address (Media Access Control Address). There are a number of ways how to find this address on Windows computer, either locally or remotely. Let’s explore.

From Settings app

Obviously, it is only available on Windows 10. Open Settings app, go to Network & Internet. Choose either Ethernet for a wired network or Wi-Fi for a wireless network, then click on the network name listed in there. You will see the MAC address listed right there.

From Control Panel

Open Control Panel, head over to Network and Internet and then Network and Sharing Center. Click Change adapter settings to open Network Connections, and right-click the network adapter you want to check and choose Status.

Click Details button and you will find the MAC Address there, listed as Physical Address.

From Command Prompt

There are a number of command lines you can use to find out the MAC address.

Let’s start with the famous,

ipconfig /all

then, a modern one like:

getmac /v

The switch /v is to enable the verbose out that includes the Connection Name as well as the name of the Network Adapter.

From Powershell

If you are a fan of PowerShell, you can use the cmdlet below to retrieve the MAC info right away.


Bonus Tip #1 – 3 ways to find MAC Address from a remote computer

We have addressed this before from here and here. But, you can read on as well.

Ping & Arp

ping remotecomputer
arp -a ipaddress

Command Prompt - Ping and ARP


nbtstat -a remotecomputer

Command Prompt - nbtstat


getmac /s remotecomputer

Command Prompt - getmac

Bonus Tip #2 – Getting MAC Addresses and Their Vendor Name in PowerShell

Again, you can read this post here if you like. It’s pretty neat and worth the time to read it.

Bonus Tip #3 – How to Change MAC Address

Yes, you heard it right. You can actually change it if needed. Click here to read on if you are interested.


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