4 Interesting and Fun Windows 8 Commercials that You don’t Want to Miss


Stumbled upon a few very interesting Windows 8 commercials from my Facebook timelines that I’d like to share. If like them, feel free to share. But if you don’t, leave comments here below the post.

The power of touch

A phoenix, or a peacock carved right inside the watermelon by the magic of the finger touches? That’s just too powerful.


The power of multitasking, just like playing piano and PingPong the same time? Fake…but cool.

Beautiful and fast

See how pretty you can make up in 10 seconds?

The live tile experiment

This is the coolest of all. Filmed in downtown Oslo, Norway, this video demonstrates one of the key features in Windows 8, Live Tiles, by showing the preview functionality of Live Tiles made for an evening concert to remember.


Whether you like them or not, I have enjoyed and had fun watching all 4 of them.



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