4 Windows 8.1 Tips to Manage Disk Space in PC Settings


There are a few new settings added in PC Settings in the latest Windows 8.1 Update that help you manage your PC a little easier, more specifically, makes managing disk space easier right through PC Settings. Here are 4 tips that you may like:

Disk Space

That reveals how your PC’s or device’s storage is being used, such as Apps and Media Files like videos, pictures, documents, downloads, etc.To find Disk Space setting, open up PC Settings, navigate to PC and Devices, and Disk Space.

PC settings - Disk Space 2014-04-08 16_03_05

App Sizes

Want to find out which apps are taking up the most spaces? Tap or click on the “See my app sizes” link in Disk Space to view the App Sizes details. Or you can go to PC Settings, navigate to Search and Apps, and App Sizes to find out.

What’s even more convenient is that you can uninstall the apps that take up too much space right from there.

PC settings - 2014-04-23 17_32_23

Set the default save location

There’s no interface here for managing your documents or media files, but if you see that one of the apps is taking up too much space, you could consider moving them to a second storage, such as a Micro SD or an external USB hard drive. Windows 8.1 does have a setting for automatically saving files to a secondary storage.

Go to PC Settings, navigate to PC and Devices, Devices, and scroll down to the bottom to Default Save Locations.

PC settings - 2014-04-23 17_37_25

Empty the Recycle Bin

If you haven’t noticed, you can empty your recycle bin right from Disk Spaces in PC Settings. You don’t need to go to desktop anymore just to empty the recycle bin. It’s convenient when using a tablet.

PC settings - 2014-04-23 17_39_54

That’s all for now and I do find these tips helpful when I am on my Surface.


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