5 Cool Tricks You Can Do Only With IE 11 on Windows 8.1


Have you tried the new IE 11 from Windows 8.1? You might not notice the subtle differences, but under the hood there are quite a few welcome and unique changes only applied on IE 11 with Windows 8.1. IE 11 is probably the best browser in a very specific domain, the Windows 8 full screen mode, though it might not strike the best performance points.

For those folks out there who haven’t had chance paying more attention on this, here are five neat tricks you can do with IE 11 on Windows 8.1.

IE 11 Allow You To Open Up to 100 Tabs


For all your tab lovers, IE 11 has this great offer to allow you to open up to 100 tabs. According to Microsoft, it has reworked it’s memory management to achieve this. So is it really a 100 tabs open and running at the same time ? Probably not, but the fact that you can do this, is very cool.

Ensure Tabs and Address Bars Are Always Shown At the Bottom Of the Screen


If you are on a Desktop running IE 11 in a full screen mode, it might not be very convent to enter an address or search something. IE 11 finally addressed this issue, you can now configure in a way to ensure the address/search bar and tabs are always visible. Again, it’s a welcome addition along with the fact changing the tabs to the bottom more closer to the fingers for tablet users.

Smart Instant Search Result


If you try to search something from the address bar, for instance, “Weather Surrey” you will get some instance search term suggestions along with some cool instance search results filled in the search term suggestion area. This is even faster than Google’s instance search result, give it a try on the areas around you.

View Previously Opened Tabs From Another Device


If you have multiple Windows 8.1 and IE 11 devices open and connected through Microsoft Account and Skydrive, you will be able to see what tabs you have opened from another device. This way you can pick up where you have left off easily and don’t have to worry which machine it was on previously. Although, this is not a new feature to the browser, Chrome and Firefox have those for sometimes already, it’s nice to see Microsoft is catching up on the areas where its falling behind.

Have Multiple IE 11 Running Side By Side Comparison In Full Screen Mode


Many were complaining the fact you can only have one application open at a time in Windows 8 full screen mode made browser not as easy as it would other wise. Microsoft has again addressed this issue, you can now open two IE 11 in fullscreen mode side by side. This makes compare sits or have two sites running at the same time much easier. You can have one Window running Youtube vide play back while another browsing articles. It sounds ridiculous you wont able to do this before, now that Windows 8.1 allowed this there are some side effects. The site will not render differently depend on the width adjustment, meaning, if you have a mobile friendly version of the site, in IE 11 full screen mode side by side will not trigger it to render the mobile friendly version. This is something in my own opinion Microsoft needs to improve upon.



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