5 Free Casual File Sharing Online Tools for Files Over 1GB


File sharing is getting easier and easier nowadays, thanks to the ever-evolving technology advances, especially the cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, or Google Drive. If you are using one of these cloud services, congratulations, you already have very powerful and easy-to-use file sharing tools on your fingertips that you can use right out of the box.

But if you have limited cloud space and just want a casual file sharing tool to share the files that are large and don’t need to be saved in the cloud for future use, here are 5 free file sharing tools that are free, no account sign-up, and all capable of sharing files that are over 1GB.

File Dropper

File Dropper

It’s just like what it shows, upload and share the link. Easy-peasy. And it uploads a file up to 5GB.


WeTransfer - 2015-02-10 11_27_57

It’s a very stylish but reliable file sharing service that shares files up to 2GB.


dropcanvas - instant drag and drop sharing - 2015-02-10 11_40_31

It makes almost the whole page as a file drop zone for your uploading files. You will get a link for sharing once you dropped the files. The tool has a built-in compressing feature that automatically compress the selected files to reduce the file load. It has the limits at 1GB but with a free registration, it bumps to 5GB.


Attach and send files up to 10 GB securely _ AttachedIn - 2015-02-10 11_36_29

Similar to FileTransfer, AttachedIn allows to share files up to 2GB with password protected feature. It’s suitable for those who wants a casual file sharing tool but with a bit of more security.

Just Beam It

JustBeamIt - file transfer made easy - 2015-02-10 11_58_31

Unlike any of other tools listed above, JustBeamIt works like a bridge between sender and recipient. You drop the files into JustBeamIt site and create a sharing link for others to download. The upload process won’t start until the recipient starts to download. By this way, you can almost share files in unlimited file size. In cases where the instant file sharing is required, JustBeamIt could be a perfect fit.



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