5 Microsoft Official Christmas Themes for Windows 7


It’s December, the most exciting month in a year, isn’t it? Your desktop is also dying for a fresh decoration too, I suppose. So here are 5 gorgeous Christmas Themes for Windows 7 from Microsoft Personalized Gallery. Enjoy.

Decking the Halls theme

Fa-la-la-la-la! ‘Tis the season to be jolly, join the chorus, and don your most festive apparel. And don’t forget to decorate your PC with colorful ornaments, gold ribbon, and candles for this joyous time by downloading this free holiday Windows 7 theme for your desktop.


Decorating the Trees theme

Bringing a note of holiday cheer to forest and garden, these festive ornaments brighten trees’ winter robes of snow and ice. Download this free Windows 7 theme to decorate your desktop for the season.


Holiday Lights Theme

Brighten up your desktop with sparkling images of holiday celebration and winter wonder in this free Windows 7 theme.


Snowflakes and Frost

Add the delicate symmetry of snowflakes and the ice-blue tracery of frost to your desktop. Download this free Windows 7 theme, and allow these exquisite snowflake and frost images to lead you into the chilly beauty of winter.


Snow Angels theme

Snowflakes fall as delicately as angel wings in this free wintry Windows 7 theme.




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