5 Threats to Watch Out When Using a Public Computer and How To Avoid Them


There are times where you actually have to use a public computer accessing to your personal data, i.e. emails. Have you ever wonder what types of security threads you should be worried about when the times comes that you have to use a public computer for personal use? TalkTechToMe shared a list of 5 threats you should be watching out.

  1. Hardware key logger
  2. Software key logger
  3. Should surfing
  4. Network sniffer
  5. Phishing/misdirection

There are maybe more but these 5 are the most common threats from a publically used computer. And here are the rules of thumb that you should keep in mind when it comes to use a public computer in a public area.

  • Only type in the confidential information in the sites that offer an encrypted connection, meaning a SSL certificated site, to avoid the information being sniffed by the bad guy.
  • Use on-screen keyboard to enter username and password to avoid the information being key logged. There is no way for a key logger to identify a letter from a mouse click.
  • Always be cautious when entering the sensitive information, e.g. looking around before entering your password.
  • Always use private / incognito browsing when possible to not leave any footprints behind.

However, even though you followed these rules and are being very cautious, there is really no 100% guarantee that is 100% safe. The ideal of recommendation always would be never use a public computer at all.



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