7 New Font Features in Windows 7


Fonts are important and essential, but a lot of time are also quite transparent to most of the end users, me included. For a long period of time, I have just kept using them without noticing the new changes in the new Windows 7. There are indeed quite a few:

1. Installation Process

Windows 7 has got rid of the ancient Add Font dialog box that has served Windows for more than 20 years. It took great courage for Microsoft finally replacing it with a much simple installation process with Install button built right in the preview window.

image12 - 7 New Font Features in Windows 7

2. Over 40 new fonts

Windows 7 adds 40 more new fonts that extend the language and script support offered by Windows. The new Windows 7 fonts were developed to enhance the Windows user interface for various languages and also the user’s online and offline reading experience.

image13 - 7 New Font Features in Windows 7

If you still find that’s not enough, dafont.com may have some more that you can use.

3. Grouping multiple weights together

It wasn’t a big deal but does make the preview a lot easier. For example, font Trebuchet MS has 4 different weights. Instead of showing them individually, it’s now grouped all together. Clicking the Preview button opens 4 separate font windows.

image14 - 7 New Font Features in Windows 7

4. Hide fonts based on regional settings

Because there are a lot of fonts available in Windows 7, hiding fonts that aren’t designed for your language helps you find the font easier.

image15 - 7 New Font Features in Windows 7

5. Fonts can be installed as a shortcut

As you noticed from the screenshot above, you can actually install a font using a shortcut, meaning that the actual font file can be stored elsewhere, as long as you can access it.

6. Support more weights in Font common file dialog

If the font you choose has more than 4 standard weights, now it’s supported in Font common file dialog in Windows 7.

image16 - 7 New Font Features in Windows 7

7. Finding a character a lot easier

Now you don’t need an application like Word to find and insert an non-standard symbol. You can do so right from Fonts window. Just click Find a character menu in the left panel, which opens the Character Map. Select  the characters you want to use and click Copy button to copy them into the clipboard so you can paste them later on in other applications.

image17 - 7 New Font Features in Windows 7

image18 - 7 New Font Features in Windows 7

That’s it for now. Enjoy!


  1. Re: Tip 7. In Win 7 or Vista for that matter, Press Win, type the first few keys of character map, hit enter. No need to go to the control panel for this.

  2. What I'm disappointed with and have not been able to find a solution for is: Before Windows 7, I was able to open up a font in a windows explorer window, open up the program I wanted to use it in, use it, then close out the font window when I was done without having to INSTALL or ADD the font!! I have not been able to figure out a way to do that now in Windows 7!! FRUSTRATING when you use a lot of different fonts and don't want to install them onto your system to use them once or twice a month!

  3. I want the old “Add font(s) …” panel and “Install new font” command back. I want to select the folder to scan for fonts, I want their full names to be displayed and I want to install the selected ones at once. :((


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