7 Useful Browser Keyboard Shortcuts I Really Like


Just like most of you, I spend a lot of times on my Browser, checking emails, doing researches, reading news feeds, and following many other stuff I am interested. Most of the time, using mouse and occasionally typing a few words are sufficient enough to finish most of the work but what I do find helpful is that knowing some of the quick keyboard shortcuts helps me a lot do things a lot quicker and more efficient.

So here I am going to share 7 keyboard shortcuts that I find very handy and useful. Hope they will help you a lot down the road as well. I am mainly using Google Chrome as my main web browser but these keyboard shortcuts work on all browsers, whether it’s IE, Firefox, or Google Chrome.

Alt + D / F6

That jumps right back to the Address Bar, highlights current webpage url, and ready for you to type the new address directly from there.

Ctrl + Shift + B

That quickly shows or hides your Bookmark Bar. I find this becomes extra helpful because I don’t normally turns Bookmark Bar on in all my browser to save more viewing spaces in the browser.

Ctrl + F4

That closes the current Browsing Tab and switch back to the previous tab next to the one you just closed.

Ctrl + T / Ctrl + Shift + T

Ctrl + T to open a brand new tab, and Ctrl + Shift + T lets you re-open last tab you just closed, and you can re-open up to 10 tabs you previously closed.

Ctrl + Shift + N / Ctrl + Shift + P

How often are you browsing in incognito mode, aka the inprivate mode in IE? I used a lot. That’s why these two shortcuts are quite handy to me.

Ctrl + Shift + N to open a new browsing window in Incognito Mode in Chrome.

Ctrl + Shift + P to open a new browsing window in InPrivate Mode in IE and Firefox.

Alt + Home

That takes you right back to your home page. In Chrome, that’s the quickest way to switch to your Tab Preview page.


That toggles the browser window between Full Screen and normal size. When you see people asking why their address bar or toolbar disappeared on them, you can just walk to their computer and press this F11 key to rescue them.

That’s it for today. Feel free to share in the comment if there are other shortcuts that have helped you.



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