7 Useful Windows Key (winkey) Shortcuts


image thumb3 - 7 Useful Windows Key (winkey) Shortcuts

We actually have covered a lengthy list of windows key shortcuts in Windows 7 before but we also thought these key shortcuts are so useful that it wouldn’t be too much if we post them again. And this time, we listed only 7 of them here that we think are very useful and handy and everyone who uses Windows 7 should know about them.

1. To display the desktop

here are 3 ways to display the desktop:

Windows Key + D or

Windows Key + M (minimize all windows) or

Windows Key + Space (to peek the desktop)

2. To cycle through the applications

Windows Key + Tab or

Windows Key + Ctrl + Tab (lock the cycle through window)

Windows Key + Shift + Tab (cycle through in backwards)

image thumb4 - 7 Useful Windows Key (winkey) Shortcuts

3. To quickly open Windows application

Windows Key + E to open Windows Explorer

Windows Key + P to open external display window

image thumb5 - 7 Useful Windows Key (winkey) Shortcuts

Windows Key + X to open Mobility Center

image thumb6 - 7 Useful Windows Key (winkey) Shortcuts

4. To quickly lock the desktop

It’s extremely useful when you are in a hurry leaving your computer.

Windows Key + L

5. To open the Run dialog box

Windows Key + R

image thumb7 - 7 Useful Windows Key (winkey) Shortcuts

6. To Snap, Aero Shake

Windows Key + Up/Down/Left/Right Arrows

Windows Key + Home to Aero Shake

Windows Key + Shift + Up/Left/Right Arrows to stretch the window

7. Zoom in/out the Window

Windows Key + plus (+ sign)

Windows Key + minus (- sign)

image28 - 7 Useful Windows Key (winkey) Shortcuts

That’s it, hope you enjoy and  have learned one or two tricks out of it.


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