10 New Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Remember


Windows 10 is going to be your next Windows system, believe it or not. So why not diving into it and get better at it by learning a few more tricks? Here are the keyboard shortcuts that will benefit you in the long run.


Win + Tab to activate the Task View

The task view is new in Windows 10. Not like the task switcher (Alt + Tab), it gives you an overview of all your running programs and virtual desktops.

Win + Ctrl + D to create a new Virtual Desktop

On top of that, here are other keyboard shortcuts you can use to operate the virtual desktops.

  • Win + Ctrl + F4 to close the current active virtual desktop.
  • Win + Ctrl + → to go to the next desktop and Win + Ctrl + ← to go to the previous one.

Also, don’t forget to check our Keyboard Shortcuts Guide for Windows 10 Virtual Desktop.

Win + G to launch the Game Bar for screenshot and recording

Windows 10 has a screen recording built-in, and it’s part of Xbox integration, known as Game Bar. It gives the gamers the ability to quickly record footage of their games without a big resource hit.

Game Bar

You can also use Win + Alt + G to record the last 30 seconds of gameplay, or Win + Alt + PrtScrn to take a standard screenshot.

Win + S to launch Cortana/Search

Cortana is the Windows version of Siri. It’s the new way to communicate with your computer and it’s the direction Microsoft is going to make Windows better and smarter, though it’s still work-in-progress and has a lot to improve. But if you are already intrigued about this new technology, knowing how to quickly summon it should be useful.

Also, if you have the mic installed on your computer you can press Win + Shift + C to open Cortana to listen to your inquiry.

Even if you don’t have Cortana enabled, the same shortcut will launch the web and do the local search.

Win + I to access Windows Settings app

The settings app is the new Control Panel in Windows 10. It’s good to know that there is a way to fire it up with a single keyboard shortcut.

Win + H to quickly share stuff

If you want to share stuff from an app or web content, simply hitting Win + H brings up the sharing charm on the right side of your screen.

Win + A to open the Action Center

The new Action Center is your friend. It’s the new hub containing not only notification but the operations like turning Airplane Mode on/off as well. You can hover your cursor over to the system tray to find the notification menu to open it from there, or simply press this keyboard shortcut.

Win + K to connect to wireless displays or devices

Here is what pops up when you press this keyboard shortcut.

Win K to connect to wireless display

Win + Up, Down, Left, or Right to snap open Window

On top of what we’ve already learned in Windows 7 and 8.1, we can also snap an open window to resize it to a specific quadrant. Like, press Win + ← + ↑ to resize the window to the top left quadrant or Win + → + ↓ to the bottom right one. Quite handy.

Win + Alt + D to open data and time flyout on the taskbar

It’s the same as you click on the clock at the bottom right corner of your screen. It opens up the new Date Time app that gets you not only the clock and calendar but also your agenda for the day from your calendar.

Windows 10 - date and time app - 2016-08-15 23_02_07

That’s about it. But if you need more, there’s a nice support page that includes a near-complete list of Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 and a fantastic list of Windows 10 shortcuts right inside the “Feedback Hub” app, which you can click here to launch it directly.

If you know any new keyboard shortcuts that are worth remembering, feel free to share.



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