A Closer Look at Logical Hard Disk Failure Causes


Almost every computer user comes across a horrifying situation and troubles due to hard drive failure. Nonetheless, commonly, users are not aware of the major causes contributing to the failure of a hard disk.

Hard disk failure is a common problem, however, leaves serious impacts. Moreover, there is not a single type of failure but covering a wide area, such as logical failure, physical failure, mechanical failure and electrical failure. Below is a brief discussion about the causes of logical hard drive failure:

Master Boot Record (MBR) Failure

Master Boot Record resides in the first sector of hard disk. The inaccessibility of MBR restricts giving correct booting instructions to the operating system, which results in hard drive boot up failure. In this case, computer refuses to boot up due to corruption of boot sector data. The common reasons of occurrence of such situation include virus attacks, improper shutdown etc.

Power Outages

The most common reason of logical hard disk failure is power outages that do not allow file system structures to be written completely to storage medium resulting in inconsistency of the file system. It can lead to various problems including data loss, abnormal system behavior and system crash.

Blue Screen of Death

One of the worst cases of hard disk failure is BSoD (Blue Screen of Death). You might have experienced that all of a sudden your computer stops responding or working and leaves you with a blue screen consisting of lost of information. BSoD leads to loss of data and requires rebooting the computer. The error usually occurs due to incorrect software or hardware configuration.

Viruses and Malware

Have you ever encountered an error saying “System error. Hard disk failure detected”? It is actually a virus program pretending to be a legitimate program aimed at stealing the important information lying in the computer and also robbing your money. Let’s see how. It throws prompts asking you to scan your hard drive and if you close the prompt, many other in sequence pop up. If you choose to click any of the two buttons (“scan and repair” or “cancel and restart”), the program will immediately lock your computer and will send a link prompting you to transfer money to the hackers in order to get the computer unlocked.

Improper Shutdown

Improper shutdown refers to switching off or resting the computer without following the conventional shutdown method. Improper shutdown takes place in various forms, such as failure of shutdown process, power failure, computer resets spontaneously or PC is crashed or locked and hence shutdown is not possible. These situations lead to the hard drive failure.

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