A Few Tweaks To Alt + Tab App Switch Dialog Box in Windows 10


Normally, here is what you see when you are entering App Switch in Windows 10 by pressing Alt + Tab with many apps running. Not a big deal, but it could be cleaner.

Here are some registry tweaks that you can use to make it happen.

Alt Tab by Default

Before we get started, let’s make a new registry key called MultitaskingView and a subkey named AltTabViewHost below that in the following location.


Registry - MultitaskingView1

To hide all open windows while in Alt + Tab mode, create a new DWORD-32 Value in AltTabViewHost key and name it Wallpaper, and set its value to 1.

Alt Tab no open window
Alt+Tab dialog with no open windows at back

You can also make the Alt + Tab app switch background transparent. Create a new DWORD-32 Value and name it Grid_backgroundPercent, then set its value accordingly, from 0 for fully transparent to 100 for complete opaque.

Alt+Tab dialog with full transparent background
Alt+Tab dialog with fully transparent background
Alt Tab - 20 Transparent
Alt+Tab dialog with 80% transparent

You can even dim the desktop so the Alt+Tab dialog can stand out even more. Create a new DWORD-32 Value and name it BackgroundDimmingLayer_percent, and set its value accordingly. Giving it a 40% will make it look like this:

Alt+Tab dialog with 40% desktop dimming
Alt+Tab dialog with 40% desktop dimming

That’s about it. Thanks to Winhelponline for discovering all these registry hacks.



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