A Multi-player version of Minesweeper


Minesweeper used to be one of my favorite games. I played a lot and got pretty good at it, could solve the advanced level within a minute. But that was a very long time ago, way back to Windows 95/98 era. Since then, Minesweeper has been disappeared from the Windows system, not in Windows 7, and certainly not in Windows 10. I quite missed it. It’s a little small game that can really exercise my brain in a way even when I am taking a break.

Then a long while ago, I discovered a portable free tool that brings back the Minesweeper game on Windows 10 and I have been enjoying it very much.

image 6 - A Multi-player version of Minesweeper

However, if you are a bit tired of the traditional version of Minesweeper, how about having something very unconventional? Like a Minesweeper across Hawaii Islands?

image 7 600x311 - A Multi-player version of Minesweeper

Or a shape of elephant?

image 8 600x316 - A Multi-player version of Minesweeper

Let’s head over MultiSweeper, pick a theme and enjoy.

image 9 600x375 - A Multi-player version of Minesweeper

To play,

  • Left-click to reveal the tile
  • Right-click to guess mine
  • Wheel to zoom
  • Middle click and drag to move around the pan
  • Press Z to zoom to fit, and
  • Hold R to restart the level

I got to admit, it feels a bit different from the original Minesweeper game but it’s quite fun and enjoyable.

What’s more? You can invite your friend to play along with you. Simply click the Invite players button and follow along.

image 10 600x331 - A Multi-player version of Minesweeper


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