A New Windows 8 PC Phone, Real?


i-mate used to be a company selling exclusively windows mobile-based devices but went out of business in Sept. 2009, probably because of the rise of iPhone and Android. According to Seattle Times, the company is planning on back to business with a series of devices powered by Windows 8, including a 4.7″ phone. Yes, you heard it right. It’s a phone that runs Windows 8.

windows 8 phone

It’s more powerful than most of the tablets on the market, with an Atom processor, 2G of RAM and 64G of storage. It’s designed to work with HSPA+ and LTE 4G wireless network with up to 10 hours of talk time.

It will be sold alone at $750, or as part of a $1,600 desktop hardware suite including a docking station called “hub”.

This is actually a very interesting idea. When docked in the hub, the phone can be used with a traditional, wired phone handset, with video call capability. When connected with a large LCD monitor, and a set of keyboard and mouse, the phone can also be a desktop system.

windows 8 tablet

It’s quite impressive. I personally can’t wait to see how i-mate can bring this concept to the market, and how market will response.



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