A Quick Task Manager Trick You May Not Know About


I’ve been using Task Manager since almost the day I started using Windows. I’ve used it to troubleshoot countless computer problems and kill so many processes along the way. But I wish I could know this trick a long time ago.

You can freeze the Task Manager values by holding down the Ctrl key.

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And thanks to Reddit for teaching me a useful trick I should have known years ago. I bet you will too.

Now, to catch the process that uses the most CPU power, I can switch over to the Details tab in Task Manager, hold down the Ctrl key, and click the CPU tab. No more jump up and down, easy to catch the bad guy and kill right there.

With the value being paused, it’s also easy to take a screenshot of the values for troubleshooting purposes.

Note that you can also use the F5 to refresh the values too. Yes, the Task Manager does refresh itself to get the almost real-time value but pressing the F5 key would refresh the values right away without waiting for the next cycle.

image 8 600x243 - A Quick Task Manager Trick You May Not Know About

What’s even better, pressing and holding down the F5 key will keep refreshing the Task Manager until you are done.


  1. Thanks Kent, that is interesting.
    One can’t help but wonder how the keyboard shortcuts were excluded from the menu, unlike every other Windows app.


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