A Safe Internet for Families


About two years ago, Cloudflare, the giant that carries a huge amount of internet traffic, announced, a secure, fast, privacy-first DNS resolver free for anyone to use. During its run these 2 years, the service has grown drastically to a point where it processes more than 200 billion DNS queries per day, making them the 2nd largest public DNS resolver, behind only Google.

To make the service even better during this difficult time, Cloudflare announced another free service, aiming to all home anywhere in the world. Called for Family, it’s the easiest way to add a layer of protection to your home network and protect it from malware and adult content.

image 600x283 - A Safe Internet for Families for Families has two default options: one that blocks malware and the other that blocks malware and adult content. You choose which setting you want depending on which IP address you configure.

For blocking only the malware

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

For blocking both malware and adult content

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Setting it up also takes less than a minute. Simply change the DHCP settings in your router/firewall, all your home devices under your roof that connect to the same router/firewall will be protected.

If unsure, there are a list of setup instructions for your reference.


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