A Windows 8.2 Concept Design That Looks Interesting


Jay Machalani, a UX/UI designer, really loves Windows 8. He dumped his Mac Air, along with OS X, and embraced Windows 8 and uses Surface Pro 2 as his main computer for many things. Even though he considers Windows 8 is his favorite OS to date, he still finds it filled with many flaws, and most of all, confusion.

So to make its favorite OS even better, he started a research project and came up with a conceptual idea for, in his own words, Windows 8.2.

Begin with the installation process:

Windows 8.2 - installation

And the Desktop and the File Explorer:

Windows 8.2 - desktop w/ file explorer

Here is the proposed Start Menu:

And the new Start Screen:

What’s more interesting is the transition pulling up the Start Menu and the switching between Desktop and the Start Screen. You got to watch the video below to get the feel of it.

What do you think? It sure looks polished and more fancier. I particularly like the new Start Menu idea.

You can read the full thoughts behind Jay’s blog post & the interview done by WPCentral.




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