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As you may have known, the English Wikipedia will be blacked out globally on January 16, 2012 to protest SOPA and PIPA. It’s going to be a big deal to those whose work heavily rely on Wikipedia and can’t live with it. You have the choice of taking a day off or prepare a way to get around it. For example, get a copy of them for online access, maybe.

Offline Wiki is a web application that saves and downloads a copy of nearly all of the textual content of the English Wikipedia locally so that it can be accessed offline without internet connectivity, which is a perfect solution to prepare this upcoming blackout.

There are two sets of data available for download, 14MB for the small version and 1GB for the larger one. You can select which option from the settings page. 1GB is recommended, which is a highly compressed dump file and an index. Download starts almost immediately after you change the setting.

image thumb93 - Accessing Wikipedia Offline

The offline access is immediately effective after the download. Type the keywords in the search box or browser through the index to find the page you are looking for.

image thumb94 - Accessing Wikipedia Offline

The Offline Wiki has been tested on iOS 5, Chrome, and Firefox. It works best on Chrome, on which you can even install the extension, Offline Wiki, to work even better.

Now, the only question is how this thing updates my local copy.

[via gHacker]


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