Act Now to Keep Your OneDrive 15 GB Free Space and Camera Roll Bonus


**Act now, the offer ends at the end of January 2016**

Microsoft made a very unwelcome announcement about in November that not only discontinues its unlimited storage space plan but also slash off 10 GB from the free plan. While the intention is to stop some of the users from abusing OneDrive service with their unlimited storage plan it does hurt almost every loyal long-term user who relies on the service for their day-to-day computer life. It’s an unwise move that would hurt Microsoft’s ambitious cloud plan down the road.

The good news is that Microsoft finally backs down and has decided to give OneDrive users the option to keep their 15 GB free storage plan as well as their Camera Roll bonus. But you will need to opt in to keep these extra free spaces by the end of January 2016.

Time goes by faster than you think, so if you care about these free spaces you should act now!

Head over to this Keep free storage bonus page,

OneDrive - 2015-12-15 22_01_15

Click the big blue button to claim and keep your free storage. When you see this you are done and you will get to keep what you have right now.

OneDrive - 2015-12-15 22_55_45

Also, note that if you are one of those early OneDrive adopters since 2012, you also get to keep the 10 GB loyalty bonus which was never included in the slash-off plan.



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