Add Ribbon to Windows Explorer in Windows 7 with Better Explorer


Since one study we covered yesterday has showed that it’s more efficient using Ribbon version of Windows Explorer, then why not we start using it now on Windows 7?


Better Explorer is a replacement of standard Windows Explorer with more features and a compelling user interface, Ribbon. It was designed for use with Windows 7, so sorry, you can’t use it on Windows XP computers. It also requires .net 4.0 framework installed before you can run it.

It works pretty similar to Windows Explorer in Windows 8. The Ribbon on both are pretty much the same, except Windows 8 version has more options in View while Better Explorer has Tab that’s quite unique.


The Tab feature is actually quite neat and useful. It’s going to save me from opening multiple Windows Explorer in order to copy or paste the files. And that’s the feature I think Windows 8 should include in the next release.

If you like the idea of having Ribbon on Windows Explorer, you should be trying the alternative on Windows 7. If not, you still should be trying because at least you can start getting familiar with the Ribbon. So why not?




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