Adobe Photoshop Express is Now Available On Windows 8/RT


If you are looking for a photo editing tool on Windows 8, well you are just in time. Adobe has finally brought the ever popular light version of Photoshop onto Windows 8/RT devices. This is a Windows 8 full screen app that contains some of the most common photo editing needs. If you have a Windows 8 machine you can go ahead and download from the Windows Store for free.


Photoshop Express only comes with some of the basic photo enhance tools such as crop, rotate, flip, remove red-eye, and some additional filter. It also comes with some in app purchasing for additional premium filters very much like those you can do on Instagram.


The filter are listed under “Looks”, in case you are wondering where it might be at. Essentially it changes the appearance of the image. You can edit image from multiple sources, currently supports from editing local images, Adobe Revel and camera shots.

This is the first release of Adobe Photoshop Express on Windows 8 devices, expect more features in the up coming updates !



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