Advanced IP Scanner Is an Excellent Utility That Helps To Find All Local Network Devices


Nowadays most home have a router, and most people owns more than one internet device at their home. If you want to find out all the device that’s currently connected to your home network it won’t be an easy task without a tool. Advanced IP Scanner, does just that, and it does much more. It will not only scan your local home network, find you all the devices that’s connected to your network, it also allows you to do things like Wake-On-Lan and other remote protocols.

From a glance, Advanced IP Scanner has a clean and easy to use UI. Just simply press the Scan “play” button it will loop through all the IP ranges that was predefined in the dropdown. You can customize the IP address range if your home network does not run in the same subnet as it was shown.


As you can see from the screenshot. It finds all my “devices” that’s connected to my home network. You can see, it got my iPhone, my Raspberry Pi and my workstation desktop. For each of the device it will show you it’s corresponding IP address as well as the MAC address. It doesn’t just stop there, this tool will also try to find all the available shared directory from each of the device. As you can see here, it’s smart enough to find out all the shared folders from each of the machine (if there is any). It will also try to looking for port 80, see if it allows access for web traffics. As you can see, it’s smart enough to find out my router has a default web interface that allows me to connect to change settings though port 80.


If you have machine that’s configured to support WOL you can even send those packets from this tool to wake up computers from your local network. You can also send remote shutdown signal to them as well. Give it a try and hope you won’t be surprised to find out who’s connected to your home network.


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